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About the Lab

The Advanced Therapeutics Laboratory applies “smart”, environmentally-responsive polymers to develop novel approaches for overcoming pharmacological barriers. A variety of projects are currently underway to develop polymeric systems that respond to one or more stimuli such as pH, temperature, oxidative stress, and enzymatic activity. We also employ nucleic acid and protein engineering strategies toward development of new carrier-free genetic medicines.


Technologies currently under development are aimed at tissue protection/repair, drug targeting / controlled release, and development of experimental therapeutics against currently undruggable targets.


Medical application areas include cancer, wound healing and tissue regeneration, osteoarthritis, degenerative ophthalmological diseases, and reduction of procedure-associated vascular intimal hyperplasia.

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text reads: In this Lab we believe science is real, love is love, black lives matter, feminism is for everyone, bioengineered therapies are cool,  immigrants are welcome

Our Values

Our lab’s research philosophy is that a more diverse team provides different perspectives that contribute in meaningful and unique ways to complex, inter-disciplinary biomedical research projects. We make an effort to compose our team of trainees from a broad range of identities (including but not limited to racial, ethnic, national origin, disability status, gender, and sexual orientation) and educational backgrounds. Every voice has an opportunity to be respected and heard, and we are committed to fighting against discrimination and harassment. We especially seek to provide STEM research and other personal development opportunities for members from marginalized or underrepresented communities. We consider STEM outreach and diversity, equity, and inclusion work, in addition to junior scientist mentorship, to be valuable and enriching experiences that enhance the impact that we have as a lab. We provide a supportive environment that helps those with a diversity of backgrounds and life/career plans to reach their goals, while driving toward the common objective of improving human health.

Join the Lab

Postdoctoral Positions Open

Dr. Duvall is currently accepting postdoctoral applications from highly qualified and motivated researchers interested in working at the interface between polymer science and nanomedicine.  Please send CVs and a brief statement of research interests to

Graduate Students

Graduate students interested in joining the Advanced Therapeutics Laboratory should apply to the Vanderbilt University Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program. The application page can be found through the Graduate School. More information is available on the School of Engineering’s prospective graduate students page. Interested students are also welcome to contact students and professors directly with specific questions–see our personnel page for info.