Intraocular Sustained Release of EPO-R76E Mitigates Glaucoma Pathogenesis by Activating the NRF2/ARE Pathway

Sarah Naguib, Carlisle R. DeJulius, Jon R. Backstrom, Ameer A. Haider, John M. Ang, Andrew M. Boal, David J. Calkins, Craig L. Duvall and Tonia S. Rex
Nature Cell Biology

Microbial small RNAs on LDL promote atherosclerosis-associated inflammation through macrophage TLR8

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Journal of the American Chemical Society

A Reactive Oxygen Species-Scavenging ‘Stealth’ Polymer, Poly(thioglycidyl glycerol), Outperforms Poly(ethylene glycol) in Protein Conjugates and Nanocarriers and Enhances Protein Stability to Environmental and Biological Stressors

R d’Arcy, F El Mohtadi, N Francini, CR DeJulius, H Back, A Gennari, M Geven, M Lopez-Cavestany, ZY Turhan, F Yu, JB Lee, MR King, L Kagan, CL Duvall, N Tirelli
Molecular Reproduction and Development

Nanoparticle-mediated transgene expression of insulin-like growth factor 1 in the growth restricted guinea pig placenta increases placenta nutrient transporter expression and fetal glucose concentrations

RL Wilson, K Lampe, MK Gupta, CL Duvall, HN Jones
ACS Chemical Biology

Discovery of a Redox-Activatable Chemical Probe for Detection of Cyclooxygenase-2 in Cells and Animals

MJ Uddin, JH Lo, CG Oltman, BC Crews, T Huda, J Liu, PJ Kingsley, S Lin, M Milad, AM Aleem, A Asaduzzaman, JO McIntyre, CL Duvall, LJ Marnett
Science Translational Medicine

ROS-Degradable Polythioketal Urethane Foam Dressings to Promote Porcine Skin Wound Repair

P Patil, KA Russo, JT McCune, AC Pollins, MA Cottam, BR Dollinger, CR DeJulius, MK Gupta, R D’Arcy, JM Colazo, F Yu, MG Bezold, JR Martin, NL Cardwell, JM Davidson, CM Thompson, A Barbul, AM Hasty, SA Guelcher, CL Duvall
Biophysical Journal

Visualizing the lipid dynamics role in infrared neural stimulation using stimulated Raman scattering

WR Adams, R Gautam, A Locke, Masson LE, AI Borrachero-Conejo, B Dollinger†, GA Throckmorton, CL Duvall, ED Jansen, A Mahadevan-Jansen
Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering

Albumin-Binding Aptamer Chimeras for Improved siRNA Bioavailability

JC Rosch, EN Hoogenboezem, AG Sorets, CL Duvall*, ES Lippmann*
JCI Insight

Therapeutic MK2 Inhibition Blocks Pathological Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Phenotype Switch

JW Tierney, BC Evans, J Cheung-Flynn, B Wang, JM Colazo, ME Polcz, RS Cook, CM Brophy, CL Duvall.
Nature Biomedical Engineering

Amelioration of post-traumatic osteoarthritis via nanoparticle depots delivering small interfering RNA to damaged cartilage

SK Bedingfield, JM Colazo, F Yu, DD Liu, MA Jackson, LE Himmel, H Cho, LJ Crofford, KA Hasty, CL Duvall
ACS Nano

Top-Down Fabricated microPlates for Prolonged, Intra-articular Matrix Metalloproteinase 13 siRNA Nanocarrier Delivery to Reduce Post-traumatic Osteoarthritis

SK Bedingfield, JM Colazo, M Di Francesco, F Yu, DD Liu, V Di Francesco, LE Himmel, MK Gupta, H Cho, KA Hasty, P Decuzzi, CL Duvall
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

Shape-Defined microPlates for the Sustained Intra-articular Release of Dexamethasone in the Management of Overload-Induced Osteoarthritis

M Di Francesco, SK Bedingfield, V Di Francesco, JM Colazo, F Yu, L Ceseracciu, E Bellotti, D Di Mascolo, M Ferreira, LE Himmel, CL Duvall*, P Decuzzi*

Settable Polymeric Autograft Extenders in a Rabbit Radius Model of Bone Formation

LA Boller, MA McGough, SM Shiels, CL Duvall, JC Wenke, SA Guelcher
Acta Biomaterials

Effects of nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite concentration and skeletal site on bone and cartilage formation in rats

LA Boller, SM Shiels, DC Florian, SH Peck, JG Schoenecker, CL Duvall, JC Wenke, SA Guelcher
Bioconjugate Chemistry

Optimizing an Antioxidant TEMPO Copolymer for Reactive Oxygen Species Scavenging and Anti-Inflammatory Effects in Vivo

CR DeJulius, BR Dollinger, TE Kavanaugh, E Dailing, F Yu, S Gulati, A Miskalis, C Zhang, J Uddin, S Dikalov, CL Duvall
Acta Biomaterials

Hydrogel microspheres for spatiotemporally controlled delivery of RNA and silencing gene expression within scaffold-free tissue engineered constructs

A McMillan, MK Nguyen, CT Huynh, SM Sarett, G Peilin, M Chetverikova, K Nguyen, D Grosh, CL Duvall, E Alsberg
Journal of Controlled Release

Microsphere antioxidant and sustained erythropoietin-R76E release functions cooperate to reduce traumatic optic neuropathy

CR DeJulius, A Bernardo-Colón, S.Naguib, JR Backstrom, T.Kavanaugh, MK.Gupta, CL Duvall*, TS Rex
Advanced Therapeutics

Recent Advances in Clinical Translation of Intra‐Articular Osteoarthritis Drug Delivery Systems

CR DeJulius, S Gulati, KA Hasty, LJ Crofford, CL Duvall
Scientific Reports

A novel method for visualizing and tracking endogenous mRNA in a specific cell population in pathological neovascularization

MI Uddin, TC Kilburn, CL Duvall, JS Penn
Journal of Biomedical Materials

Effect of Pore Size and Spacing on Neovascularization of a Biodegradable Shape Memory Polymer Perivascular Wrap

TC Boire, LE Himmel, F Yu, CM Guth, BR Dollinger, D Balikov, TA Werfel, DA Balikov, CL Duvall
Journal of Orthopaedic Research

Diflunisal - loaded poly(propylene sulfide) nanoparticles decrease S. aureus - mediated bone destruction during osteomyelitis

Ford CA, Spoonmore TJ, Gupta MK, Duvall CL, Guelcher SA, Cassat JE

Kupffer Cell Release of Platelet Activating Factor Drives Dose Limiting Toxicities of Nucleic Acid Nanocarriers

Jackson MA, Patel SS, Yu Fang, Cottam MA, Glass EB, Hoogenboezem EN, Fletcher RB, Dollinger BR, Patil P, Liu Danielle, Kelly IB, Bedingfield SK, King AR, Miles RE, Hasty AM, Giorgio TD, Duvall CL
Advanced Healthcare Materials

Amphiphilic Polyelectrolyte Graft Copolymers Enhance the Activity of Cyclic Dinucleotide STING Agonists

Nguyen DC, Shae D, Pagendarm HM, Becker KW, Wehbe M, Kilchrist KV, Pastora LE, Palmer CR, Seber P, Christov PP, Duvall CL, Wilson JT
Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering

Caveolae-mediated transport at the injured blood–brain barrier as an underexplored pathway for central nervous system drug delivery

AG Sorets, JC Rosch, CL Duvall, ES Lippmann

Enhanced stem cell retention and antioxidative protection with injectable, ROS-degradable PEG hydrogels

JR Martin, P Patil, F Yu, MK Gupta, CL Duvall